At McNeely Plastics, we are passionately committed to quality.

We control, monitor, and inspect product quality throughout every step of the manufacturing process.  Using cutting-edge computer technology, our highly- trained technicians control quality on the line, in real-time and facilitate any adjustments needed in variations of different quality measures.

Dedicated to perfection and consistency, McNeely’s skilled team of Quality Auditors ensure that precise order specifications are met.  Our on-site, fully-comprehensive quality laboratory allows our auditors to conduct any quality test required by clients — in-house and in real-time. McNeely’s quality audits test the full range of product specifications including: Gauge, Size, COF, Dart, Tensile, Elongation, Leak Detection, Opacity, Seals, and Clarity.

We have a full lab on-site that is complete with the latest equipment:
• Gloss Meter – Determines the gloss of film when hit by a light source at a 45º angle
• Densitometer – A unit that is used to measure how much light passes through a piece of film
• Sencorp Sealer – Equipment that measures seal strength at optimal temperatures.
• COF Tester – Measures the slippery nature of the film when slid over itself or some other surface
• Dart Impact Tester – Measures in grams the film’s ability to withstand a falling dart without breaking
• Microscope – Optical instrument that allows us to magnify and measure the film layers
• Digimatic Indicator – Precision instrument used to measure thickness of film
• Elmendorf Tear – Measures the amount of force necessary to tear a sample
• Tensile Tester – Measures the strength of the film and determine the stretching before breaking
• HAUG Leak Detection System – Tests the integrity of seals to avoid leaking
We maintain only the highest standards of quality and safety programs. Our company utilizes Product Safety Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices (GPMs), and Food Packaging Testing in compliance with our FoodSafe Certification.


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