Reflecting our mission of acting in a legal, ethical, and socially responsible manner, this Supplier Code of Conduct is a guideline for McNeely Plastics’ valued suppliers, who are expected to conduct their business to the same high standards. This Code highlights the minimum requirements expected of a supplier in order to do business with McNeely Plastics, and as such, may be augmented by higher standards of expectation as set out in any contract between the supplier and McNeely Plastics. The name “McNeely Plastics,” as used throughout this document refers to all units and subsidiaries of McNeely Plastic Products, Inc.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations
McNeely Plastics’ suppliers are required to comply with all legal requirements of the localities in which they operate worldwide, including all applicable regulations, laws, and codes, including but not limited to all employment, immigration, civil rights, and anti-discrimination laws, and any applicable industry standards.

Workplace and Human Rights
Involuntary & Child Labor-Suppliers are required to strictly adhere to all applicable legal requirements, laws, regulations, and standards prohibiting the employment of child, prison, forced, bonded or indentured labor.

Abuse & Harassment – Supplier’s workplace shall be free of any types of physical coercion, threats of violence, corporal punishment, confinement, or other harsh or inhumane treatment. The use of any form of physical, psychological, sexual or verbal harassment is prohibited.
Working Hours – Supplier shall be in full compliance with any industry standards and all applicable Jaws with respect to maximum number of hours and days worked, vacation time, and reasonable time off.
Compensation & Benefits – Supplier shall provide wages and benefits in full compliance with all applicable local and national Jaws.

Non-Discrimination – Supplier’s hiring and employment practices – including compensation, advancement, benefits, and termination – shall be based on an individual’s ability to do the job, and shall not discriminate based on personal characteristics or beliefs.

Safety & Health-Supplier shall provide safe, clean and healthy working environment and, where applicable, living conditions, in full compliance with all applicable regulations, Jaws, codes and industry standards.
Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining – Supplier shall recognize the rights of employees to freely associate, organize and bargain collectively in accordance with applicable laws.

Ethical Business Practices
Fair Competition – Supplier shall conduct its business consistent with fair and vigorous competition in compliance with applicable antitrust laws. Business Integrity-Supplier shall not permit or engage in any forms of corruption, extortion, bribery, kickbacks, fraud, embezzlement, or any other corrupt practices.
Conflict of Interest-Supplier should avoid any interaction with any McNeely Plastics’ employee that might conflict or appear to conflict with the employee acting in the best interest of McNeely Plastics.

Environmental Management -Supplier shall comply with all applicable environmental laws, codes, regulations or standards, and is encouraged to implement any necessary policies, procedures or systems to improve performance and minimize the environmental impact of Supplier’s operations.

Communications – Supplier shall develop and implement any policies, procedures or processes required in order to ensure compliance to this Code of Conduct, and shall clearly communicate all such policies, procedures and processes to all employees.

Financial Integrity-Supplier shall keep records for all matters related to business with McNeely Plastics, in accordance with standard accounting practices such as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or international Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Records must be accurate in ail material respects. Records must be legible, transparent and reflect actual transactions and payments.

Monitoring and Compliance
Compliance with this Code is required of ail suppliers of goods and services to McNeely Plastics. It is up to each supplier to determine to meet and demonstrate compliance with this Code. Suppliers shall certify their compliance to this Code upon request by McNeely Plastics, and shall allow McNeely Plastics (or its third party agents), upon reasonable notice, to monitor Supplier’s compliance through interviews, site inspections, document reviews, or other similar methods. Failure to abide by the Code may result in removal of suppliers’ qualified status and termination of any supply contract. Supplier shall take any reasonable measures to ensure that their suppliers are in compliance with this Code of Conduct.


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